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Kamloops senior attacked by Rottweiler


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A Kamloops senior is recovering after being attacked by a Rottweiler with an aggressive history outside a McDonald's restaurant Sunday.

Mary Gural, 84, was leaving the restaurant with her husband when the dog, who she said was not properly tied up, came after her and tore apart her arm.

"He leaped at me… he knocked me down and banged my head. Next thing I knew I was hollering get this dog off me,” Gural said.

Gural needed 98 stitches in her arm and could require further surgery. She said she was emotionally traumatized by the attack.

“My skin was hanging down from the side. I saw that. But they told me not to look at it. That's how bad it was,” she said.

Officials said the same dog attacked a postal worker in June and wasn’t supposed to be out in public without a muzzle.

City of Kamloops spokesman Len Hrycan said the dog was not deemed dangerous in June because the incident wasn’t as severe as this recent attack.

Hrycan said the female dog, named Midnight, was put down on Wednesday.

"The dog was certainly seized on Sunday after the incident and it’s been in our pound since that time… the animal was surrendered to us for destruction and the dog has been put down,” he said.

The dog’s owner is under investigation and could face fines.

I saw this in the news the other day. This follows another attack. I believe in White Rock, where a Pitbull attacked a four year old girl who also needed around 100 stitches. She was unfortunately left with permanent scaring around her face.



As a result of these recent attacks the issue of banning Pitbulls as well as forcing Rottweillers to wear a permanent muzzle when out in the public have both been raised.

My family owned a Rottweiler and we never once had a problem with aggression. Despite that it's hard for me to ignore incidents like this, as rare as they may be, as the people affected will probably suffer from trauma for the rest of their lives.

As much as I value animals the safety and well being of human beings should be paramount. I believe good and responsible owners are the difference but how does our society ensure that?

Just wondering what everyone else thinks.

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Sure some dog breeds might be more aggressive than others, but when it really comes down to it, it's on the owners.

People need to learn to control their dogs regardless whether they personally think it's aggressive or not, even the most timid dogs can get spooked and go on the attack.

The owners of dogs that attack people should have to face Reckless Endangerment charges.

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There will always be those that defend animals and say it's always the owner's fault, but people also have to realize that some animals are stronger than others. Although there are some pitbulls that are much better behaved than other dogs, if that thing does snap, good luck trying to stop it. If you have pets and you're going out, put a muzzle on it or keep it away from people and on a leash. I get so sick of people who just let their pets wander around and say 'oh, it's just coming to play'. There are plenty of people that are scared of animals and/or have no idea how well you train your pet. Get a clue and keep it away from strangers.

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One of the sweetest dogs I've ever met is a pitbull. It's sad to me that any breed gets such a bad reputation that we have to consider outright banning them, especially when it is almost always the owner's fault when an incident like this occurs. This is, in some ways, similar to a gun control issue where people blame the gun, rather than the person wielding it (which is a half-analogy at best because it is certainly not a dog's sole purpose to kill - they've pretty much been bred to rely solely on us for all that type of stuff, at worst they are simply being protective). It saddens me to see so many instances where people simply don't take ownership for their own behaviour and actions. The dogs are fine, it's the owners that are the problem. I think you should have to prove that you are at least twice as smart as the thing you call your pet.

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As a pitbull owner I've had these arguments continuously and fully realize it's entirely useless to even bother anymore.

The breeds don't need to be banned. That is so ignorant it's not even funny. It's ALWAYS the owners fault. Whether it's the original breeder who had no standards with breeding practices, the idiot owner who has no reason owning a powerful breed, or the incompetent owners who allow such a powerful breed to run a muck with little to no supervision.

Any dog owner with half a brain should be able to pick up on aggressive traits in their dog. It's not rocket science. If you see these traits it's your responsibility to ALWAYS be aware of what your dog, and sometimes more importantly, what the other dogs it comes in contact with are doing. Hell, even if it's never shown any aggressive traits - do that s*** anyway. It's the smart thing to do.

I literally have the nicest most relaxed pitbull I've ever been around. She wouldn't hurt a fly. Literally. I've seen her lick them and spit them out. She's good with kids, dogs and any stranger that comes into contact with her. Despite that, I make damn sure I know exactly what's going on when she's interacting with anyone, especially dogs. I don't trust 90% of dog owners, because they're generally morons, and I rarely ever trust their dogs until they earn that trust. I trust my dog, but that's about it.

I've had probably 6-8 small dogs try and attack my dog this summer alone. And it's funny, because if I didn't see each of those scenarios unfolding before they escalated - it somehow would have been my fault because I'm the one with a pitbull. "Pitbull attacks chihuahua" would be the headline of every local newspaper.

My dog was bred properly, and raised properly. Anyone that tries to tell me that my dog should be banned or put down because of it's breed will literally get punched in the teeth.

It's disgusting how such a small percentage of the total breed population can create such panic. It's even more disgusting that people believe that bs.

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