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red, green or yellow. Indian, west indian, or Thai?


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I don't like Thai Curry at all. My buddy's wife is from that area and makes it all the time. She is pbbly the best cook I know at every thing else,(besides me) even when she comes to my house I ask her to cook a dish or ask for her input but I don't like the sweet taste in East Asian curry.

Punjabi food is the best curry food IMO, mostly known in the world as Indian food ie" Butter chicken. Most ppl don't realise that in India the food is different from state to state just like the dress, and language (dialect) are different. Thai Curry is similar to South Indian food where they use a lot of coconut. Most restaurant food in the west is called Indian food but its really Punjabi food.

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Indian (South Asian) curry is the best. Butter chicken (with fresh naan, omgz, want some right nowwww). Also - Rogan Josh, its a lamb curry from Kashmir, so deelish (I pronounce it differently though, its spelled like rogan josh to ease the pronounciation I think). Also, karahi (basically a wok, common in Pakistan)- chicken or mutton- so freaking good. The taste of each curry in South Asian countries varies from state to state. Don't even get me started on the kebabs.

chicken karhai


rogan josh


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