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iPad / Tablet games


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temple run <3

jetpack joyride <3

theyre the best, and theyre free

strategy games:

cut the rope, wheres my water are pretty sick

fruint ninja is cool too, i actually dont like angry birds tho

oh and all time favorite is doodle jump

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Any genre, preferably free but doesn't have to be. Just list your favorites.

So far I've tried-

Temple Run

Cut the Rope

Labyrinth 2 HD free

All 3 are pretty fun. Labyrinth 2 is just like the old school wooden game with the marble except it adds arcade style with pinball bumpers, magnets, etc.

elvis, this thread is for a discussion/suggestions with real people, not a bunch of top 10 lists that contain 3 versions of Angry Birds in the top 5. ;)

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