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[Extension] Bruins extend Marchand

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Jimmy Murphy@MurphysLaw74

Bruins sign Brad Marchand to four-year contract extension.

Retweeted by Joe McDonald

@tsnscottcullen: #Bruins sign LW Brad Marchand to 4-year, $18M extension. Kudos to the Bruins for including contract terms in release. #NHL #TSN

Adam Proteau@Proteautype

Bruins sign Brad Marchand to a 4-yr, $18 million deal Bruins owner wants a cut of. So, Bruins sign Marchand & Jeremy Jacobs to a 4-yr deal.

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League whining and complaining about revenues, and then some GMs are just signing players to long term and fairly expensive contracts. Eight more days...

They should agree to just lower the cap floor, and allow every team operate at 50% of total team revenues. That way every owner makes money, and if they have a couple of bad years, they will get great draft picks and rebuild that way.

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Marchand, as much as I despise him, can play well on his own and is very effective. Burrows is a great defensive player but wouldn't even come close to the numbers without the Sedins...and he knows it. Why do you think he only took 2 mil a year his last contract?

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