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Omega League: I am making a new league, if you are interested please join!


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Welcome to the CDC Omega League!

League Name: CDC Omega

League Type: Playing

NHL Schedule Length: 2 Week


Allow Simming of Games: Yes

Allow Join Requests: Yes

Skill Level: Superstar

Game Style: Current

Period Length: 6 mins/ Playoffs 8 mins

Off sides: Delay

Icing: Yes

Penalties: on

Post Whistle Rules: Authentic

Penalty Time Scale: On

Fighting: on

Season Tie Break: 5 min (4 on 4) then Shootout

Waivers : Off


Team General Managers:

small.png Anaheim Ducks – Username: Jp_2233; PSN: Jp_2233

small.png Boston Bruins – Username: Open; PSN: Open

small.png Buffalo Sabres – Username: Open; PSN: Open

small.png Calgary Flames – Username: Mufasa; PSN: Bthaking

small.png Carolina Hurricanes – Username: 2Guys1Puck; PSN: KnuckleChucker13

small.png Chicago Blackhawks - Username: Hamhuis2; PSN:cedarman77 (Assistant Commish)

small.png Colorado Avalanche - Username: ???; PSN: MagicMunkle11

small.png Columbus Blue Jackets – Username: Open; PSN: Open

small.png Dallas Stars - Username: Open; PSN: Open

small.png Detroit Red Wings - Username: formhunny; PSN: formyhunny

small.png Edmonton Oilers – Username: vv2 PSN: suresh19

small.png Florida Panthers – Username: ???; PSN: ???

small.png Los Angeles Kings – Username: BeaverTongue; PSN: customdeath

small.png Minnesota Wild - Username: bouboule91; PSN: habsNpats

small.png Montreal Canadians – Username: Flying.Skate91; PSN: Jhari09

small.png Nashville Predators – Username: ???; PSN: ???

small.png New Jersey Devils – Username: ???; PSN: siNister97

small.png New York Islanders – Username: CheckYourUnderstanding; PSN:Xpl03ive-

small.png New York Rangers – Username: PhoenixLipinski21; PSN: Lipinski21

small.png Ottawa Senators – Username: ???; PSN:???

small.png Philadelphia Flyers – Username: pavel_boat; PSN: drisdacd

small.png Phoenix Coyotes – Username: WillyFox; PSN: lancepaul22

small.png Pittsburgh Penguins – Username: ???; PSN: DerekWilsonBro

small.png San Jose Sharks – Username: ???; PSN: ???

small.png St. Louis Blues – Username: PJD_97-; PSN: eLiTePJD

small.png Tampa Bay Lightning – Username: Sup CROW; PSN: YO_YO_PZ98

small.png Toronto Maple Leafs – Username: canuckfan223; PSN: alishahan101

small.png Vancouver Canucks – Username: PlayingBurke; PSN:PlayingBurke (Commissioner)

small.png Washington Capitals – Username: JanniksVoice; PSN: jRiiich

small.png Winnipeg Jets – Username: -Vintage Canuck-; PSN: canucksfan96

It's Draft Time Baby!

Alright, so how this will work is simple. I have taken the 26 PSN names which have signed up for this league, new and old. We have 27 currently, thank you JP. Lance aka Willy, aka, Phenox GM, has earned the right to choose first over all. I removed him from the draft. Thus, everyone else is fair game.

The rules are simple. We go in order as the list below provides. When it is your turn, you have 24 hours from the persons last post to respond with your selection. In other words, which team you would like to manage and play as in the new Omega 2.0 League, which I will create both the new forum, and NHL 13 League this weekend (once the draft is over). If you do not reply, or give us your team's name within the 24 hours, you are skipped to the next player in the draft line and you are moved to the bottom of the draft. This is the only way to keep it from getting jammed up. Players who currently do not have CDC accounts, this is the time to make one. I will post a notes on the old League board, to inform any players; however, if you are friends with anyone, please let them know they should make a CDC account for they can choose their team.

I will lay out the new rules to the league in the new forum this weekend. For now, please choose your teams in your draft order. The only news you need to know is that this league will be set for 5 years. If you're thinking about a rebuild team, that is relevant for you. Other than that, enjoy!

P.S. Please start your pick off by telling us what your PSN is so we know what draft pick you are. Just for clarity sake. I will need to keep track of everyone's team for the first post of the new forum.

The first overall pick goes to

#1 Lance Paul.

Please select your team and get this party started.

Free Random Draft Order Tool

Your Draft Order Has Been Generated

# 1 : knucklechucker13

# 2 : suresh19

# 3 : Deuce-MRP-

# 4 : dylpickled

# 5 : playingburke

# 6 : drisdacd

# 7 : hockeyball87

# 8 : cedarman77

# 9 : habsNpats

# 10 : jhari09

# 11 : canucks1414

# 12 : kurupt07

# 13 : bevertongue

# 14 : Xpl03ive

# 15 : bthanking

# 16 : formyhunny

# 17 : morphinecolin

# 18 : eliterof4

# 19 : DevilDan07

# 20 : jp_2233

# 21 : hockeydrummer

# 22 : Grandaddyp2234

# 23 : harmankandola94

# 24 : amonshax

# 25 : retentive

# 26 : halorko

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Simming is allowed if it best suits a member. I just want to make it clear, however, that this is not a SIM league. If you wish to play your games, you are encourages to. If you cannot make it, then your game will be simulated, or an AI set-up by you, will play for you. I want this to be accommodating to everyone. If you are not confident in your skill, no worries; just set your AI to play the style you want them to play. Honestly, I want there to be more focused on good signing, trading and drafting, like real general managers. I want to be able to clearly see managers strategies, and goals.

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