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OFFICAL Gangam Style Thread


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Probably the greatest song ever created, taking over the likes of songs by the Beetles,

Rolling Stones, and even MJ himself PSY launched "Gangam Style" on July 15th 2012 and has since reached over 120 Million views on YouTube. Filled with a great beat, stunning vocals and a catchy English sub-chorus line, Gangam Style is being raved about by critics everywhere.

Although most of you have seen it, here is the OFFICAL video.

The video has stunning dance scenes that rival the likes of Thriller for the all-time greatest video.

Overall, this is HANDS down the greatest song of the century and should be atop the billboards for years to come.

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Guest BuckFoston

K-pop has some hilarious and crazy videos/songs out there. And the following is insane. You haven't met obsessive "fans" until you have seen those who follow K-pop. But it sure is funny.

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