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(proposal) van-cbj

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to van: johansen, mason

to cbj: schneider, 2013 2nd + 4th


van receives a future top line centerman and a backup goalie for lou cbj gets there #1 goalie and a 2nd

i tihnk this works for both teams. van gets a player to replace henrik after he retires and if mason can get back to his play from his rookie season we can trade him for something good, if he doesnt he is still an above average backup

cbj gets solidity in net with a future superstar and possible vezina nominee and they have and more picks to help there rebiuld

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I'd be up for Schneider - Johansen, and the Jackets might be as well (maybe trade something else for Bobrovsky instead? Don't want Mason coming back)

Would be awesome to have Ryan on the 3rd line, as long as he doesn't get treated like CoHo did when he was here, stuck on the 3rd line without enough minutes until he wanted out.

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Prior to the Nash trade, I don't think Columbus would have wanted to move their top young center. Now, I'm still not sure they'd want to trust Dubinsky or Brassard as being able to handle the role, as a #1 center, something they'd been lacking the whole time Nash a was there, and they are a little short on offensive forwards, so it might take a little different package to get Johansen.

Schneider, Raymond, Rodin


Johansen, Mason, Savard

They get an excellent goalie and some top 9 forwards that can score. We get a skilled forward and a physical RH defenseman. I'd rather have Mason than Bobrovski, even with the cap hit difference, if we have to take a goalie back. It's a lot of pieces though which makes it complicated.

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