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Old School WWE Thread

Patrick Kane

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...So much fun back in the days...seems like these 3 are forgotten nowadays though, pretty sad, and the many others...


Too Cool in general was just the sh!t - remember everything of theirs; wicked times. Obviously I'm missing a lot others, but wanna share these guys for now.....used to get the wwf games just so I could win a match and dance with the 3 after B)


Angle and Edge = LOL!!!! :lol:

Scotty Too Hotty was my fav. from the trio as you can see...


This is simultaneously the dumbest and best finisher ever conceived.
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The thing I remember Rikishi for was "I did it...For the Rock"

It's funny that you made this topic yesterday, as I spent a few hours looking up old WWE and WCW stuff up yesterday morning.

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WWF was where it was at.

Hulkster, Macho Man Savage, Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper, Iron Shiek, George "The Animal" Steele, Vince McMahon, Andre The Giant, The Harts, The Undertaker. Even Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T.

Those were the days!

All Star Wrestling on BCTV back in the day was awesome, too. Anyone remember Eric Froelich? Gene Kiniski? King Kong Bundy?Jimmy Snuka? Tiger Jeet Singh? The Warrior? Sgt. Tomko? Mr. X?

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Yup been watching wrestling since I was literally born. Late 90's and early 2000's were some awsome years. But have gotten back into wrestling about 3 years ago.

Still is good, next Wrestlemania will be awsome. But obviously wwe is not the same as it was in the good years.

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Remember the GodFather? Pimping ain't easy. I was devastated when he became The GoodFather.

Remember Edge's intro? The camera would have to find him in the crowd.

Remember the APA? Farooq and Bradshaw. Their poker games behind the door. Awesome.

Remember Rikishi? Stink face!

PS: I still call it WWF.

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