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(Proposal) Van-Bos

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A trade with boston is very unlikely but i think this could work.

To Van: Marc Savard

To Bos: 5th round pick

Im not sure about this move because of savards concussion problems but i say we take a chance, i dont know if he will ever return and i dont know if he is trying to return or where he is in his recovery. But if there is a chance i say we gamble and go for it. He would be a great playmaker for the second line and bring a veteran presence, not that we need one but you can never have too much leadership. And we only have to give up a second round pick. I think boston would go for it because they get rid of his contract and free up cap space to resign lucic/horton/seguin and get something in return instead of just buying him out. Low risk high reward because if he retires i believe his contract come off the books? Correct me if im wrong.

The value might be off, a lower pick might be able to get him.

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Throwing away a 2nd rounder

Savard is like Pronger.. they both have a hard time functioning in every day life due to their injuries..

Unfortunately, their careers are over.. I feel worse for Savard, because at least Pronger got to play for close to 20 years and won a Cup and some other hardware...

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