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Value of Steven Stamkos

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First off, I know it would be impossible. But I just want to see what people think it would take to get Steven Stamkos, arguably the best player in the game. Keep in mind all proposals can only include Canucks players. I don't want proposals from other teams.

Don't start to flame me, I already said, I know it will NEVER happen. I just want to see what people think we would have to give up to get him.

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Sedins. Yes, both. I'm looking at birthdates on this one. Stamkos arguably has 15 NHL seasons ahead of him, whereas, the Sedins are looking at about 6 more. There's also no reason to think that Stamkos won't score 40+ goals for the next 8-10 seasons, while the Sedins are expected to start slowing down in the next 3-4.

If would have to be something like...



Semi-decent forward prospect

2nd rounder


2nd liner worth about $3M

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