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He's done it at last................and now I want the Canucks to follow.


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This morning you are hearing from a very, very proud Scot. Reason? Andy Murray has at last won the Grand Slam many of us hoped and were sure he could.

By winning the USA Tennis Open he has lifted the anvil from his neck placed there by the BBC and the British Press and media for the past 6 years.

Many Canadians won't realise the extra pressure he was under unless you are well informed tennis fans so I will explain it to you.

Prior to Wimbledon 2006 Murray, like any football mad Scot, he uttered the words jokingly in a conversation with a journalist that he wanted "anyone to win the World Cup that year except England"

Nearly all young Scots into football would have said the same..........it is not a hatred, it is more to do with having England's 1966 win shoved down our throats every time a major Championship comes around.

Anyway the English character assassination started on the naive 19 year old from that day onwards. He was surly, he was dour, he was boring, he was too prone to tantrums, he was a mummy's boy, he would never win a major (then when he did) he would never win a Grand slam...............you name it and if it was derogatory it was labelled on Murray.

Gradually the foolishness was swamped by the ordinary fans who realised he was the best thing that had ever happened to British Tennis and attitudes began to change .............culminating in his glorious failure in the Wimbledon Final and his more glorious success with the Olympics gold in the Men's Final. He was now a fan's favourite, if still not quite accepted by the media.

Yesterday, after 4 GS failures, all that changed as he slogged it out in one of the greatest tennis finals in living memory against a player, Djokovic, who is a 5 times Slam Winner and a player who hadn't lost on hard courts in 2 years.

I see certain parallels here to the Canucks.

The team's alleged "character flaws" the media dislike, the disrespect from other hockey fans (and even their own fans at times) the powerful rivals, the players character shortcomings, the failures and the apparent no-shows.

All perceived, and to my mind unfair and undeserved.

I hope if we have a season of hockey this year my favourite NHL hockey team can do an "Andy Murray" and finally prove the doubters wrong in style and go on to make their legions of fans all over the World proud...............as I am proud of a young Scottish tennis player today.

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Good on Murray. I'm not much of a tennis fan, but I did follow this match. I have to admit that I thought he had lost, when he gave up the two set lead, but he rallied and was more than deserving of the victory.

I think that with this, plus the Olympic win, Murray is now a legitimate threat to the top three of Djokovic, Nadal and Feds...

...anyone else see James Bond in the crowd? Looked like he was enjoying the match. B)

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Well done Murray!! .. still have trouble eating Campbells soup .. English lackeys .. great song, Ratio .. Glencoe is a spooky place to visit, seems almost haunted .. I gathered two sets of smooth stones from the creek there for Runic Stones, and they invariably portend sad and bad news .. go figure ..

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I hate Murray with every fibre in me but I do have to give him credit. Even in the absence of Rafa he still had to beat Fed and Nole in the finals of the Olympics and the US Open respectively. Not many people thought he had it in him to beat any of the big 3 so good for him.

The thing with Murray is, i don't think he's the best player and I don't think he's better than Fed or Djokovic. I just think that he had a strategy against both of them that he executed quite well and it worked to get them out of their comfort zones. Serve for serve, ground stroke for ground stroke, backhand for backhand, I don't think Murray is as good as any of the big 3. It's very similar to Boston vs Van. Vancouver was by far the better team, but Boston had a gameplan that they stuck to and executed perfectly, and it worked.

The Canucks have to approach opponents in a similar way. They can't just go out there and play their games and expect that it'll work against every opponent. They have to be willing to change it up and try different things. Otherwise they're too easy to defend against.

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Where did someone "slander" the English without just cause or reason? .. point to any errors in the message, if you would, oh all wise and knowing historian?? .. it is always great fun to poke ridicule at your historic enemies .. have you no sense of history at all? .. and what do you mean the Scottish folk here are "odd"? .. as in eccentric or an in-even number??

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