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First Name: Jonathan

Last Name: Swift

DOB: 01/21

Place of Birth: Milford Connecticut

Nationality: American

Primary Position: G

Height: 185cm

Weight: 91kg

Hand: Left

Jersey Number: 32

Junior Preference: NCAA

Starting Team: Avon Old Farms

Netminder Style: Butterfly

Staff Attributes:

Adaptability: 15

Ambition: 12

Determination: 20

Loyalty: 4

Pressure: 18

Professionalism: 1

Sportsmanship: 4

Temperament: 1

Mental Attributes:

Anticipation: 17

Bravery: 1

Flair: 5

Leadership: 17

Teamwork: 1

Workrate: 17

Vision: 15

Physical Total:

Acceleration: 11

Agility: 13

Balance: 10

Pace: 9

Stamina: 12

Nettminder Attributes:

Blocker: 10

Glove: 11

Passing: 1

Pokecheck: 1

Positioning: 13

Rebound Control: 12

Recovery: 12

Reflexes: 12

Stickhandling: 1

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This is my guy:


His name is Kyle Long, and he's a 194 lbs, 6'3.5" sniper who was born in Harrison, Ohio who plays for the US-NTDP, a 4.5 hour drive away instead of the local Indiana Ice, 1.5 hours away. He's American, was born in America, grew up in America and his mother's American but his father's Canadian, where he got his hockey roots from. He'll be reppin' Team USA should he make it to any international competitions. Long is an offensive-minded sniper who prefers LW but can play either wing.

He has amazing offensive talents, is always prepared for the big games and very consistent, works hard on and off the ice and is a good leader. Long is a very classy player and is not dirty in any way. Does not hit and is mediocre defensively.

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