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Thank you Toews :)

My guy surprised the hell out of me and had a steady career as a defensive d-man that can put up 30+ points a season. My rating would easily be 7.3+, so that's great as well.

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Great sim!

I'm pretty surprised with how well my guy turned out, I was a consistent 60 point guy who could bang bodies. Surprised how much I bounced around though, not from doing bad, even on my ppg pace I was moved around quite a bit.

My team history:

Toronto Maple Leafs: 63 points(Age 23)

Pittsburgh Penguins: 23 points in 23 games(Age 26)

Edmonton Oilers: 66 Points(Age 27)

Boston Bruins: 64 points(Age 29)

Toronto Maple Leafs 16 Points in 32 games(Age 32)

Columbus Blue Jackets 58 Points(Age 34)

Minnesota Wild 38 Points(Age 35)

LA Kings 23 points in 22 games(Age 37)

Retired in Sweden @ Age 38.

Decent career for a 6th overall pick.

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