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Because BC is such a popular tourist spot for Australins (SO many bars are sold out this w/e for the AFL grand-final packed with Aussies its ridiculous) theres massive numbers of fans who continue following the sport back in Australia! The Australian Ice-Hockey Community (I'm involved quite closely) is growing so quickly its crazy. With the announcement of the Australian Junior Ice-Hockey league its a step in the right direction. I never went to an AIHL game and didn't see a few canucks jerseys/hats/key-rings/jumpers etc and thats in Adelaide!

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Yes, that disctinctive accent - guilty as charged (we won't even THINK about throwing in a few cliched Aussie phrases for good measure!!). It's 32 degrees here in Sydney as we speak - pretty warm for a spring day.

The best thing (if it can be construed as a positive) about being located so far away is that I can listen to the Canucks games live (through Team 1040 radio) when I'm at work (I do a lot of design work, so I can multitask!). The home games start at about 10am our time - that's pretty much the only positive that I can find with being such a long way away from our beloved Canucks! I also have NHL Gamecentre subscription (fab for those living overseas) but I just LOVE listening to the pre-game show on Team 1040!

How do all the other Aussie Canucks get their Canucks fix?

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So a decent amount then.

We started up the site and facebook page to more or less answer a lot of questions the twitter account was getting from Canucks exp-pats in Australia and Aussie fans.

The best way to watch by far is NHL Gamecenter, unless of course you want to wait for Foxtel to show at least one Canucks game during the regular season, then hope they don't drop Canucks games in the playoffs (again).

Team 1040 we have on most of the time.

The site and FB page are there to create Canucks communities in Australia and get some crown power and community for the games.

The Imperial in Melbourne is a great Canucks gathering point as well as the regular Hockey Night in Melbourne.

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