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NHL 13 - CDC Sim Connected [PS3 SIM LEAGUE] pt 2[Taking Applications]


Manual Waivers?  

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This is a sim only league.

small.png Anaheim Ducks – /user/8219-shiznak/">shiznak [PSN: shizzy604]

small.png Boston Bruins – /user/71588-willyfox/">WillyFox [PSN: LancePaul22]

small.png Buffalo Sabres – /user/91789-mrsasaki/">mrsasaki [PSN: hockeydrummer]

small.png Calgary Flames – /user/60319-sidneyraymond/">SidneyRaymond [PSN: SilentSmartie] Assistant GM: Flying.Skate91 [PSN: jhari09]

small.png Carolina Hurricanes – /user/92506-checkyourunderstanding/">CheckYourUnderstanding [PSN: Xpl03ive-]

small.png Chicago Blackhawks - /user/94174-pure-gm/">Pure GM [PSN: GMNation]

small.png Colorado Avalanche - /user/92632-coleman26/">Coleman26 [PSN: morphinecolin]

small.png Columbus Blue Jackets – /user/47199-mackcanuck/">Mackcanuck [PSN: mackcanuck]

small.png Dallas Stars - /user/90343-paul-bissonnette/">Paul Bissonnette [PSN: x7kill2kill] Assistant GM: /user/89335-cody-hodgson-9/">Cody Hodgson 9

small.png Detroit Red Wings - /user/84645-phoenixlipinski21/">PhoenixLipinski21 [PSN: Lipinski21]

small.png Edmonton Oilers – /user/48392-oilrigger89/">OilRigger89 [PSN: viller17]

small.png Florida Panthers – /user/91231-doug-the-thug-glatt/">Doug The Thug Glatt [PSN: DJtrippleA]

small.png Los Angeles Kings – /user/92521-alexthegoalie-96/">alexthegoalie-96 [PSN: AlexTheGoalie-96]

small.png Minnesota Wild -

small.png Montreal Canadiens – /user/92589-dchan2579/">dchan2579 [PSN: cjb-97]

small.png Nashville Predators – /user/56281-n00bxqb/">n00bxQb [PSN: n00bxQb]

small.png New Jersey Devils – /user/37323-dollarandadream/">DollarAndADream [PSN: travhave23]

small.png New York Islanders – /user/55988-kyosama/">Kyosama [PSN: Kyosama13]

small.png New York Rangers –

small.png Ottawa Senators – /user/66403-badassian9/">Badassian9 [PSN: dhesi94]

small.png Philadelphia Flyers – /user/55823-mufasa/">Mufasa [PSN: Bthaking]

small.png Phoenix Coyotes – /user/74664-finnnuck/">FinnNuck [PSN: FinnSaW]

small.png Pittsburgh Penguins – /user/87788-danthecanucksfan/">Danthecanucksfan [PSN: Devildan07]

small.png San Jose Sharks – /user/93463-jp-2233/">Jp_2233

small.png St. Louis Blues – /user/92474-stitch1990/">stitch1990 [PSN: stoitch21]

small.png Tampa Bay Lightning – /user/48044-kooner91/">Kooner91 [PSN: PK-91]

small.png Toronto Maple Leafs –

small.png Vancouver Canucks – /user/47893-ourtimetoshine/">OurTimeToShine [PSN: mannyanddario]

small.png Washington Capitals – /user/10813-mpt/">mpt [PSN: mpt2006]

small.png Winnipeg Jets – /user/84946-canucksfanmike/">CanucksFanMike [PSN: CanucksFanMike]

CDC Sim Connected Board of Governers:

CDC Sim Connected League Historian:


small.pngAnaheim Ducks:


Kyle Palmieri ($1.025m) / Ryan Getzlaf ($5.325m) / Corey Perry ($5.325m)

Devante S.-Pelly ($0.870m) / Kyle Turris ($1.400m) /Teemu Selanne ($4.500m)

Jiri Tlusty ($1.600m) / Andrew Cogliano ($2.390m) / Emerson Etem ($0.870m)

Matt Beleskey ($0.738m) / Daniel Winnik ($1.800m) / Dan Sexton ($0.550m)

Peter Holland ($1.295m) /


Sheldon Souray ($3.667m) / Francois Beauchemin ($3.500m)

Bryan Allen ($3.500m) / Cam Fowler ($1.400m)

Luca Sbisa ($2.175m) / Joni Pitkanen ($4.500m)

Hampus Lindholm ($1.775m) / Morgan Rielly ($1.775m)


Jonas Hiller ($4.500m)

Viktor Fasth ($1.000m)

Jeff D.-Deslauriers ($0.613m)


CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)

SALARY CAP: $70,200,000; CAP PAYROLL: $56,091,667; BONUSES: $2,790,000

CAP SPACE (24-man roster): $14,108,333

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Day 1 - October

Day 2 - November

Day 3 - December

Day 4 - January

Day 5 - To Trade Deadline

Day 6 - Day off for Trading

Day 7 - End of season

Day 8 - Playoffs 1st and 2nd + Draft Priority

Day 9 - Playoffs 3rd and 4th + Draft Priority

Day 10 - Draft and start re-signing

Day 11 - Re-signing

Day 12 - Re-signing

Day 13 - Re-signing

Day 14 - Re-signing

Day 15 - UFA

Day 16 - UFA

Day 17 - UFA

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Scoring system

Lose playoffs in Round 1 - 1 point

Lose playoffs in Round 2 - 2 points

Lose playoffs in Round 3 - 4 points

Lose playoffs in Round 4 - 6 points

Win Stanley Cup - 15 points

Win your division - 1 point

Win President's trophy - 1 additional point

Official Standings

20- small.png Dallas Stars

16- small.png Minnesota Wild

9- small.png Philadelphia Flyers

8- small.png Pittsburgh Penguins

7- small.png Ottawa Senators

6- small.png Buffalo Sabres

5- small.png Colorado Avalanche

4- small.png Phoenix Coyotes

4- small.png Nashville Predators

3- small.png Carolina Hurricanes

3- small.png Columbus Blue Jackets

3- small.png Washington Capitals

2- small.png Anaheim Ducks

2- small.png St. Louis Blues

2- small.png Tampa Bay Lightning

2- small.png Toronto Maple Leafs

2- small.png Los Angeles Kings

1- small.png New York Rangers

1- small.png New Jersey Devils

1- small.png Vancouver Canucks

1- small.png Winnipeg Jets

1- small.png New York Islanders

1- small.png San Jose Sharks

0- small.png Boston Bruins

0- small.png Calgary Flames

0- small.png Chicago Blackhawks

0- small.png Detroit Red Wings

0- small.png Edmonton Oilers

0- small.png Florida Panthers

0- small.png Montreal Canadiens

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