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[signing] Stars sign G Kari Lehtonen to 5 year extension

Mr. White

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There's definitely a trend going on in the NHL. Teams are spending more on goaltending.

Next season 2012/13, 13 teams will have more $6.7M allocated to goaltending. That's 43% of the league.

In 2013/14, there will likely be 15-20 teams allocating more than $6.7M to goaltending (due to some key goalie UFA's and Lehtonen/Quick extensions). That's possibly more than half the league allocating <$6.7M to goaltending. That's never happened in the NHL.

Luongo's contract is looking good to teams. He's on a fixed contract - albeit for a very long time. All the new extensions have cap hits higher than Luongos (Quick, Price, Lehtonen, Rinne, Bryz). Should be interesting.

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