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If there is a lockout: Which of our prospects win / lose?


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Just as the title says, which of our prospects benefit from a lockout, which ones lose an opportunity?

(Not sure if this has been asked yet... I searched and found no similar topics.)

Loses: Schroeder. He had a shot at the 2nd line C position this year. If Kesler comes back before the year begins, he loses this window of opportunity.

Wins: Kassian. This is debatable, but I think a bit more AHL seasoning is exactly what he needs, especially with a great coach like Arniel.

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Kassian playing in Chicago for at least half a season is the best idea. Give him top line minutes so he can handle big game situations and improve...

Schroeder can still get better with another year down there too.. and you never know, injuries happen.. but he is still behind Ebbett on the depth chart...


But, let's face it.. Nobody benefits from a lockout. Not really looking forward to the worst winter ever

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Vancouver, B.C. – Vancouver Canucks President and General Manager Mike Gillis announced today that the Canucks have assigned the following players to the Chicago Wolves and Junior clubs.

The following players have been assigned to junior clubs:

Frank Corrado, Defence, Sudbury, OHL

Brendan Gaunce, Centre, Belleville, OHL

Evan McEneny, Defence, Kitchener, OHL

The following player has been assigned to his European club:

Nicklas Jensen Right Wing AIK SEL

The following players have been assigned to the Chicago Wolves:

Peter Andersson, Defence, Chicago, AHL

Steven Anthony, Left Wing, Chicago, AHL

Darren Archibald, Left Wing, Chicago, AHL

Joe Cannata, Goalie, Chicago, AHL

Kevin Connauton, Defence, Chicago, AHL

Guillaume Desbiens, Right Wing, Chicago, AHL

Andrew Ebbett, Centre, Chicago, AHL

Alex Friesen, Centre, Chicago, AHL

Andrew Gordon, Right, Wing Chicago, AHL

Derek Joslin, Defence, Chicago, AHL

Zack Kassian, Right Wing, Chicago, AHL

Eddie Lack, Goalie, Chicago, AHL

Alexandre Mallet, Centre Chicago, AHL

Patrick Mullen, Defence, Chicago, AHL

Adam Polasek, Defence, Chicago, AHL

Prab Rai, Centre, Chicago, AHL

Anton Rodin, Forward, Chicago, AHL

Yann Sauve, Defence, Chicago, AHL

Stefan Schneider, Defence, Chicago, AHL

Jordan Schroeder, Centre, Chicago, AHL

Bill Sweatt, Left Wing, Chicago, AHL

Chris Tanev, Defence, Chicago, AHL

Kellan Tochkin, Right Wing, Chicago, AHL

from: http://canucks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=641477

Judging by the almost all-prospect Wolves, I think our whole organization wins. I'm going to throw out a theory and flame me if you will but the 2003 and 2004 drafts were particularly deep drafts, with a majority of players drafted in the early rounds going on to fantastic careers. These players were drafted just before the 04-05 lockout which saw some of these players join their respective AHL clubs. Players like Kesler, Bieksa, Burrows all got to play a year in the AHL together against tougher competition and build friendships that have lasted their careers. Speaking more broadly to the league, guys like Staal, Parise, Cammalleri, Sharp, Bergeron, Kesler, Hamhuis, Ballard, Bouwmeester, Brown... the list goes on of young guys benefiting from increased competition at the AHL level. I fully expect a similar pattern coming out of this next lockout.

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All of our good prospects win.

1 extra season of development and the possibility of being a star is beneficial.

Out of everyone Kassian gets the best deal, even though he could have been a 3rd liner this year, a year in Chicago on the 1st line (most likely) could really give him that confidence to step his offensive game up.

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The only people I don't see benefiting from this are the 2 guys who'll be scratched every game since there's the five player cap on experience professional hockey players in the AHL. Also potentially a few of the guys who get sent down to the ECHL because of the numbers game BUT otherwise there's nothing wrong with honing the skills in the AHL against a now more competitive opposition.

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I am keenest to see how Cannata goes, well pointed out! He looks to be a stud who will break out. Chicago will have an awsome tandem!

Yup, Rodin and Andersson are skill picks. With our accent on physical players the last 14 months these guys plus the return on Lou could be amongst our key skill type guys in 4 or 5 years?

Nice to see Peter Andersson's name on that list, hopefully he turns out to be a good pick.

Looking forward to see how Rodin and Cannata do as well.

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It's unfortunate for us (but fortunate for the Wolves) that this will create a talent logjam. Guys like Sterling and Haydar are almost guaranteed top 6 spots.

I can imagine that Kass, Rodin and Schroeder will earn top 6 spots too, but newcomers / borderline players like Archibald, Friesen, Tochkin, Anthony, Mallet, will all have tough competition for playing time... or they'll be Kalamazoo bound.

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