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Unfortunately Shane Doan is gone? For some of you, this is exactly what you expected. However, for some of us it is heartbreaking. And I know Shane Doan's resigning with Phoenix probably ruined the day for most of you. I am not only depressed, but also shocked. I am a true Canucks fan and having Doan on the team could have been really beneficial. But in no way did it mean the Canucks would be a powerhouse team. Having Doan on the Canucks could have led to bad things that none of us would have known unless it had happened. The current Canucks roster is good but not excellent. Here is a quick overview:


The Canucks have an ageing duo made up of the Sedin Twins. Their playmaking skills are incomparable to and with Burrows resigned we can all assume that the first line will consist of the Sedins and Burrows. This line has played tons of minutes together and have great chemistry. However, in order to win the cup, the Sedins will need to get back to a point per game and Burrows will need to maintain at least 50 - 55 point season. Ryan Kesler is an all star player who can play both ends of the ice, but will be injured until mid November or early December. This means he will miss at least 1/3 of the season. With David Booth a little more comfortable in Vancouver and Chris Higgins developing chemistry on the second line we can safely say that Booth, Kesler, and Higgins will be paired up together. In order to win the cup, Kesler will need to be patient and should only return until he knows that he can play like a Selke winner. Booth and Higgins will need to carry most of the roles for the second line and both of them will need to produce at least a 40 point season. As for other offensive minds, Hansen, Lapierre, Raymond, Malhotra will need to carry the rest of the duties and maintain what they have been doing well. Malhotra and Raymond will have to improve considerably. In order to win the cup, Kassian will need to bring a ton of skill and toughness to his playing style and Dale Weise will need to produce and assist the fourth line. AHL players that are brought to the Canucks team will need to ensure they are on the top of their game.


Adding Jason Garrison will make the Canucks power play more effective for sure, but in order to win the cup, Garrison will need to ensure he is contributing defensively just as much. Kevin Bieksa and Dan Hamhuis will need to play effective defense while chipping in with a few goals and many assists. However, it is unlikely for the Canucks to win a cup until the third line starts to play well on both ends of the ice. Tanev and Ballard will need to develop quick chemistry and show that they are tight on defense and can be effective on offense. As for a next step for the Canucks; hopefully they can sign Edler to a long term deal before a new CBA is set and if they do then Edler will need to tighten up on defense and contribute to the offense just as much as last year. Overall, the Canucks defense will have a hard task because they cannot win a cup by just playing defense or just playing offense. They will need to effectively play both parts of the ice.


Cory Schneider will have to prove he is an all star for years to come. So far he has shown no breakdowns under pressure and doesn't look worried or nervous. He knows what he has to do, but he will need to maintain solid goaltending under all circumstances. In order to win the cup, Schneider will need to play Home and Road games effectively while being equally effective in regulation, overtime, and shoot-outs. As well as the play-offs of course. However, the Canucks will also need to bring in a solid backup goaltender to support Schneider. Luongo is here for now, but will most likely need to go in order to fulfill the hole in goaltending and center spots on the roster. The Canucks will not be able to afford greater than 9 million for 2 goalies.


It is upsetting that we could not get Shane Doan. However, the Canucks can still be exceptionally better by signing Edler to a long term contract. And then trading Luongo for good forwards, defencemen, goaltenders and prospects. They don't need all of them, just the ones that are most important for the years to come in order to win the cup. Luongo has a huge salary cap and getting Shane Doan could have made it extremely hard to get other expensive players including resigning Edler. Therefore, the Canucks need to do this:






Luongo has been great and will forever have respect from me. He is an all star goalie who has ensured that his name be remembered in a positive way for years to come. However, his salary cap is an issue and trading him could be extremely beneficial for the Canucks. Also, signing UFA's can also upgrade the roster (Jason Arnott).

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