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Hamhuis vs Bieksa (Read description first!)


Hamhuis vs Bieksa  

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Good afternoon CDC,

For those of you who :picard: 'ed at the title, this thread is here for a purpose. And please read the description before you post anything.

For those who remember, the first thread I made since I joined CDC was exactly the same: titled "Hamhuis vs Bieksa, who's better?" And everybody was bashing me, telling me the choice was obvious. Since then, I think I've learned my lesson. So today at school, I was caught in an argument with about 10 other guys, of who's better, Hamhuis vs Bieksa? Obviously, I'm not going to tell you who I thought was better, since it'll make the poll biased. So, I tried to show him the other thread I made, and the lopsided poll, but the "search" feature wasn't working. So I decided to make a bet with them and make a new thread and ask CDC, for your opinion, on who's better.

Thank you for your understanding.


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If you look there was one better play available then skating it out of the zone. There were no possible outlet passes, but in hindsight if he iced the puck, it would have a better result. However in the heat of the moment the last thing you want to do is to ice it, so Hamhuis made the best play available to him at that very moment.


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Hammer makes players around him better - that's a defining quality between him and Bieksa.

Bieksa may be stronger offensively but he is streaky. Hamhuis is often one of the guys who plays pretty well to great every night. Consistency (not saying he doesn't have his bad games)

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