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Canuck Fans Vs Other Team Fans


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Hey Everyone,

I've been a canuck fan for a long time, I've seen the 'Nucks go all the way to game seven on three occasions and have always been loyal to the team in between those years.

My question is;

What makes Vancouver Canuck fans different from other team fans? What differentiates 'Nucks fans from Leafs fans, Habs fan, and any other team's fans out there?

Why are we so different, if in fact we are? I believe we are different, but I'm curious as to what other think about this.

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Every team's fans are exactly the same..

There is always a group of bandwagoners.. always a group of biased (our team can do no wrong, and every other team sucks) people.. and there's always a group of realistic and smart fans, who follow hockey really well, and respects most teams and players

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