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Canucks Hockey Lockout Solution


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Just a scenario,

The Aquilini's pool some money together and buy-move/create an ECHL franchise tomorrow named the XX (BC maybe?) Canucks, playing out of Rogers Arena. The real Canucks then 'loan' their entire team to the ECHL franchise. Canucks fans get to watch hockey with the real Canucks under a different name (will be at least close full capacity)...

The Aquilini's still get the revenue from the Arena/merchandise (hell I would buy a BC Canucks ECHL jersey for a keepsake!), the players would get some salary minus some % to stay within ECHL rules? and get to play hockey (and win). The coaching/management staff could all stay.

If the NHL starts December the ECHL team folds or becomes an affiliate, if the lockout continues all season, the BC Canucks win the ECHL championship and gain confidence for the next NHL season.

Everybody wins and we piss Bettman etc off by still playing! :bigblush:

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