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The Most exciting playoffs series in the past 10 years?


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Just because of the way it ended, 2011 VAN vs CHI.

But as for the overall most exciting, I'd pick 2011 vs the Sharks.

Non-Canuck series will never have the same level of excitement for me though I enjoyed Red Wings vs Sharks in 2011. Everyone loved Pens vs Flyers though it wasn't that exciting since the Flyers crushed the Pens.

I'm still waiting for another series vs the Red Wings. Skill vs skill, the way I like it.

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2011 1st round series vs Chicago. How could it be anything else?

Drama building for 3 years after 2 bitter series defeats and watching them win the cup.

Go up 3-0 and then the wheels fall off. Luongo shellacked in games 4 and 5. Arch nemesis Bolland returning to line up and doing what he usually does to us.

Luongo losing his starting job in game 6. Schneider pulled when he cramps up. Luongo on his belly for the OT winner forcing game 7.

Nursing a 1 goal lead the entire game in game 7. Burrows missing on a penalty shot. Getting a power play late in the game on which Chicago scores a shorty. Then of course Burrows ending it in style in OT (thanks Campoli).

Find me a better series with more drama.

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2009 SCF - Penguins/Red Wings

After watching Detroit raise Lord Stanley the year before, Penguins had something to prove. It was one of the best SCF in the last 10 years.

2003 SCF - Devils/Mighty Ducks

Paul Kariya gets decked, knocked right out, comes back later in the game and blasts a clapper over Brodeur. Best SCF I've seen, ever.

2006 WCQF - Oilers/Red Wings

Underdog Oilers trying to pull off the remarkable upset, and do so in just six games. That set up the second most exciting Cup run I've seen, ever. (Aside from the 'Nucks march to the final in '11)

2001 WCSF - Avalanche/Kings

Arguably one of the best series' to watch if you enjoy good goaltending. Felix Potvin was remarkable and Patrick Roy was his usual self, and both goaltenders gave their team a chance. It was capped off with an exciting game 7 where the Av's offense came to life and pushed Colorado to the WCF, and eventually Ray Bourque's first (and last) Stanley Cup Championship.

EDIT: And, OF COURSE, 2011 Blackhawks/Canucks. I was glued to the TV/radio for every game, for the whole series. Game 7 was the happiest night of my life. I imagine that's what winning a Cup must feel like.


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I miss the pre-lockout type of playoffs, this is by far a favorite for many in Flyerdom:

Flyers and Leafs used to beat the crap out of each other and whoever made to the next round was spent. Flyers and Pens are like that now. Canucks and Hawks are a good one as well.

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