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What kind of music is on your iPod/Phone?


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I mainly listen to Rock music. Jimmy Eat World style of rock. also foo fighters and some of heavier rock.

A few rap songs, very few country songs, few pop songs.

i prefer songs with strong, touching lyrics, not those rap ones that are all about Drugs, money, etc.

something still seems missing in my post.

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Heavy to non heavy to some rap/hip hop.. dub step.


Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Devildriver, Demon Hunter, Mnemic, Chimaira, Disarmonia Mundi, MAGOA, Inflames... ect

Mid Heavy

Alice In Chains, Alterbridge, Sevendust, Nonpoint, Godsmack, Soil, Evans Blue, Janus, Cold, Allele... ect.

Less Heavy

Big Wreck, Bush, Karnivool, Pearl Jam, Scorpions, Redlight King, Nirvana.


Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Eminem, Hopsin, Louis Logic, Yellawolf, MGK, Kottonmouth Kings,


Dub Fx, Nero, Mt Eden, Random remixes.. idk. i'm new to that stuff.

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Mostly Rock music...

...The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Kinks, Ramones, Bob Dylan, Cream, The Smiths, Nirvana, David Bowie, Elton John, Queen, Rage Against The Machine, Pearl Jam, Steve Miller Band, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Santana, The Police, Blondie, The Velvet Underground, Yes, ZZ Top, Simon & Garfunkel, Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Young, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Elvis Costello, Steely Dan, T.Rex, Fleetwood Mac, Cheap Trick, Jethro Tull, Genesis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kiss, Radiohead, Pixies, Rush, Supertramp, Soundgarden, The Band, The Clash, Thin Lizzy, The Cars, Van Morrison, Tom Petty, Alice Cooper, Crosby, Still & Nash, Eagles, Guns N' Roses, REM, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Doors, Iggy and The Stooges, Alice In Chains, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Queens of the Stone Age, Peter Frampton, Electric Light Orchestra, Billy Idol and many more...

...Now tell me, who enjoyed reading that? ;)

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I have just under 9 000 songs on my iPod Classic 120GB.

I have everything under the sun on it... Rock, Metal, Classic Rock, Country, Pop, Classical, 40's and 50's Pop like Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Dean Martin, some Dub, some electronica, some R&B / Hip Hop / Rap.

I love music. I listen to it every day. Last night was a vinyl night in the Man Cave... Sinatra, The Police and an 80's Top 40 compilation.

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