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casual GM connected league open to all CDC members (X360)


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Hi everyone, just got the game a couple of days ago after the release date so most of the "hardcore" armchair GMs here on CDC have already got going in other leagues. If you're looking for a GM connected league and aren't willing to commit to 3-5 games a week then this is for you.

This league is intended to be a casual play/sim league for those who already have a busy lifestyle with school or work. Details are below:

League name: CDCcasual

-random rosters

-2 week schedule period

-5 minute periods

-AI skill level: pro

-salary cap applies

-all normal NHL rules apply

Feel free to join and pick a team (I call the Canucks!) :P

btw my gamertag is Jonny017

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I'll send a join request tonight, my team choices are Philly and Anaheim in that order.

I'm middle of the pack in terms of skill level, but, I am good vs. the computer. I got kicked from the last league I joined because the bratty 6 year old running it said I was somehow cheating, meanwhile, its on like rookie setting with 10 min. periods. What am I supposed to do? Skate around with the puck all game and not shoot? Geeze.

Anyway would love to join, I send a request like I said tonight.

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