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NHL 13 gm connected casual league - ps3


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Looking for members who want to join a casual league, mainly for fun, but competitive times. The league is called

EMAIL: nolockoutleague@yahoo.ca

you can email any concerns to me here if this is easier than the other methods

Note: so far I have set up a wed and sun schedule advance, hopefully to begin officially this Friday (sept 21st) although you are all free to play now, especially each other, but I'm recruiting to get as many people in by the 21st as possible. Let me know here if u don't like the wed and sun system, or if we need less or more time between schedule advancements.


My username : nalkwan

A no fuss no muss league. Not everyone will be on this board, so you can make trades through the game, or you can talk about them on here. Nothing will be taken too seriously, but we all want to compete and have fun, so I'm gonna be a hands off commish (unlike Bettman) for the most part. So far we have a few members listed below, send me a join request for the team you want and I can update it here.

Any and all welcome.

Updated list this is for play station 3

Anaheim -DeathEater66

Boston -KnuckleChucker13

Buffalo - Eamonster16


Carolina - brett_figured



Columbus- hunters989

Dallas - Phenomenous


Edmonton- Rock_Prawn

Florida- Presty_18





NJ -

NyI -BRad_17mc


Ottawa -WagonBurnerKen

Phillidelphia - Bfletch28

Phoenix - PUCKyouBUDDY


San Jose- RobbieLu_01

St. Louis-smASH1814

Tampa Bay-cddior91


Vancouver - nalkwan

Washington - SK1TT

Winnipeg - gianicle


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