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I need a goal song video made please!


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I need someone to make me a youtube video of a canucks goal celebration but with the song metallica - whiskey in the jar (starting from the beginning) as our goal song.

Im not good at this sort of thing and I need the video for a thread I am going to create.

And if you have time could I also get one with the song The Age of Paparius by Turbonegro (started at 1:30).

Thanks so much in advance!!! :towel:

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Thanks for making it easy for me not to care what you think, about our goal song or anything else.

I was one of the big supporters that got DJ Dave to look at it last year, and happen to like it a lot. A fair number of people agreed with me, more than I usually see about other people suggestions.

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Your first post already told me you don't care what I think, so move on and try not to be too touchy.

And a lot of people I know hate our current song, its slow, cheesy and doesn't excite the crowd enough. The issue has been brought up.and I'd like to get my input in. I invite you to check out the video after its done and decide for yourself :towel:

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