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Hang out with a current Canuck player for a day


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Simple question, if you had the opportunity to hang out with a current Canuck for a day - who would it be? (Like being a caddy for the day or something - shooting puck around or w/e. Not like a weird fantasy date night). And why?

I'm not going to make a poll because it would be way to long etc.

After watching Eddie Lack at the golf tourney, I'm going with 'The Stork'

"Hi I'm Eddie Lack, and these are my 3 best friends in the world" hahaha

This guy is hilarious and just seems like he's always having a good time. If you follow his tweets I think you'd agree. Definitely would keep the day interesting.

Other choice would be Bieksa - also a funny dude and just seems chill.

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