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The Canucks current achilles heal is...

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Yet another thread to help kill the lockout time...

After this offseason I'm not fully convinced the Canucks are true Cup contenders or the team to the beat this season whenever the NHL And PA agree on millions... What do you think is the teams current Achilles heel?

For me it's secondary scoring. Good ol don cherry canadian playoff vet(s) a close 2nd...

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Scoring & being physical. 2011 we were physical no matter what they say, we just weren't dirty after the whistle in the scrums.

Edler, Bieksa, Hammer, Lappy, Kassian, Burr, Kes, Booth, Ballard all need to be hitting guys all the time & when that happens they will get room which leads to a scoring chance. Stay clean & check hard if they do that then the Canucks will see the finals again.

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We gotta stop being a 'nice team' and be a 'hard team' . This does not mean be dirty...but we have to not let things slide. Someone gets hit, hit em back. If someone takes a cheap shot on a top guy....fight his a$$.

If we keep being a team that tries to force other teams to take penalties on us and not enforce respect...we'll get run over.

Rules change come playoff time. Things happen harder, faster, etc...and the only thing that could stop some guys from doing so is respect and knowing that if they take a run at a guy...they'll be up next.

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