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The worst player ever to suit up as a Canuck...

Lui's Knob

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Criteria: had to of played one game or more; current day franchise (1970's to date) and no more than 3 names...the more obscure names the better...

Troy Gamble- he was horrible

Marc Chouinard- worst contract Nonis paid for an overachiever

Byron Ritchie- how he played on the pp as a point man ill never know...

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Are we talking worst as in "least skilled" or worst as in "was worst for the franchise"?

I don't think you could argue against Messier being the worst thing to happen to the Canucks.. As for least skilled? I have no idea...

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Eric Weinrich.

He was a trade deadline addition at a time when it felt like we needed a little push to really contend. He turned out to be Nonis' 39 year-old buddy who looked lost on the ice, even between whistles. It was the first time I ever thought a trade deadline addition made us a worse team. 16 GP. 0 Points. -13. He never played in the NHL again. It was like he came here to die.

Steve Bernier.

I've never seen a 6'3" 220lb guy play like such a wimp. Until I looked up his stats, I thought he was 6' 195lb. I know it was only two years, but it felt like he was here FOREVER. Probably because he seemed like a huge disappointment every time he stepped on the ice.

Geoff Courtnall.

I'm including him for personal reasons. I met him when I was 12 and he was a total dick to me and my friend during a Canucks team event called Pasta da Puck.

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