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[Article] Botchford: 1-2 mystery teams in on Lu before CBA expiration and one is rumord to be the OILERS!?



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so jason botchford of the vancouver province is reporting that right before the CBA expired 1-2 new mystery teams jumped in on the Luongo sweepstakes

the big surpirse is that one of the teams is rumored to be the divisional rival Edmonton Oilers. wow wouldnt that be headline "Luongo traded to the oilers".

for me personally to even stomache the idea of Luongo going to the Oilers they would have to overpay and outbid everyone severly. i mean teams dont even like trading within the same confrence, let alone the same divsion.

not to mention that if Lu goes to the Oilers he instantly accelerates the rebuild and id go as far as saying making the Oilers a playoff contender and making the divison that much harder.

now the oilers do have a lot of good young players but lets get realisitc right now, these players are an absolute no-go: Nugent-Hopkins, Hall, Eberle, Yakupov, Schultz(willingly chose Edmonton),

so two questions:

1. are you okay at all with the thought of sending Lu to the oilers? for me only if the oilers grossly overpay

2. what would you ask from the oilers in a REALISTIC offer? for me i think something along the line of Paavari and their 2013 first round pick

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i dont know why eberle keeps coming. dont get me wrong i would love to get ebrele but that is totally unrealisitc, no way edmonton sends ebrele here for luongo. they would trade yakupov before trading ebrele.

i think a fair deal is what i originally said Paajravi and 2013 first. he is a big young forward with a lot of potential who has just kind of lost his spot in edmonton, especially with yakupov there now. and trading the first round pick shows edmontons commitiment to improving the team this year along with blanancing out this trade

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I could definitely see Gagner coming back in the deal, they've tried to move him a number of times. Let's face it, Luongo's time is limited in both Vancouver and the NHL; even if it made the Oilers an instant contender they wouldn't have Luongo for that much longer. That's also a huge cap dump to possibly acquire a big free agent next summer. My proposal:








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