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Cat runs for mayor in Halifax


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ARTICLE - Tuxedo Stan the cat will kiss as many kittens and shake as many paws as it takes to win Halifax's mayoral race.

By far the fluffiest mayoral candidate, Stan is the official representative of the Tuxedo Party, an organization that aims to "improve the welfare of felines in the Halifax Municipal Region."

The party's motto? "A chicken in every pot & a litter box in every house."

Of course, bylaws prevent Stan from actually appearing on the ballot, but that isn't stopping him from campaigning. And his mayoral run is garnering him media attention worldwide.

His popularity even has his human competition getting worried.

"I'm just glad I'm not running against Tuxedo Stan. He is everywhere these days. #hfxpoli," wrote candidate Waye Mason on Twitter.

Stan's mission is to stand up for the less fortunate.

"I feel very fortunate to live in Catopia. I've never known hunger, cold or abuse. I sleep in a warm, cozy bed every night. I get to play in a safe fenced yard every day. Unfortunately, there are cats all over the world who aren't so lucky. You can help by donating money or time to a local rescue group," Stan is quoted as saying on the Tuxedo Party Facebook page.

While Stan can't officially run the city, he may follow in the pawsteps of Stubbs, the tourism-promoting tabby who's held the unofficial title of Cat Mayor of Alaska for 15 years.

Oh, those Nova Scotians.

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