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PS3 Super Slim or PS3 Slim?


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if you don't want the memory, go for the super slim. PS3 SS is $270. If you want NHL 13 instead of uncharted, trade it in and get NHL 13. you don't save the $20, 'cause Uncharted is only $40., plus get $30 of Dust 514.

its $300 for PS3 Super Slim, 250GB, NHL 13, $30 Dust 514

its $300 for PS3 Slim, 320 GB, and NHL 13

compare those deals

in the end, after evening it all out, practically you get 70 GB for $30. (or trading the DUST 514 for 70 GB)

if you want more memory, get Slim.

If you want Dust 514, get super slim.(you could always get a portable drive if your low on memory)

I would but the Slim version ;)

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