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Ilya Kovalchuk.

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This is NOT a Sim league, you must play your games unless it's versus the computer if we don't get a full 30 members.

Will create the Connected League once we get enough members. Add my gamertag: CaNuCkS22

small.png Anaheim Ducks –

small.png Boston Bruins –

small.png Buffalo Sabres –

small.png Calgary Flames –

small.png Carolina Hurricanes – JustBelieve - [Gamertag: Bull Smit]

small.png Chicago Blackhawks - Patrick Kane - [Gamertag: bizNagi]

small.png Colorado Avalanche - *VaNcOuVeRCaNuCkS*- [Gamertag: POWERDYNE]

small.png Columbus Blue Jackets –

small.png Dallas Stars -

small.png Detroit Red Wings -

small.png Edmonton Oilers – gragnanifan1 - [Gamertag: takhar12]

small.png Florida Panthers –

small.png Los Angeles Kings – No CDC Username - [Gamertag: Scalabrine 2444]

small.png Minnesota Wild - InSoM- -[Gamertag: InSoMnIaK604]

small.png Montreal Canadians –

small.png Nashville Predators –

small.png New Jersey Devils –

small.png New York Islanders –

small.png New York Rangers – Ilya Kovalchuk. - [Gamertag: CaNuCkS22]

small.png Ottawa Senators –

small.png Philadelphia Flyers – Dave Bolland- [Gamertag: RespectYourEdlers]

small.png Phoenix Coyotes –

small.png Pittsburgh Penguins – No CDC Username - [Gamertag: N I J J A R 6]

small.png San Jose Sharks – TheEhrhoffEffect - [Gamertag: kingkular]

small.png St. Louis Blues – UMADBRO? - [Gamertag: Dodedede16]

small.png Tampa Bay Lightning – deized_kanuck604 - [Gamertag: o6h05t]

small.png Toronto Maple Leafs –

small.png Vancouver Canucks – Brad Marchand- [Gamertag: LeafsBlowChunks]

small.png Washington Capitals – howes30 - [Gamertag: howes30]

small.png Winnipeg Jets –

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