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If its a shortened season, should the nucks tank it?

Lui's Knob

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My theory is that if the Canucks ever end up winning it will be in a situation where there is some sort of caveat which our enemies can point to and say, "yeah but..." and make it out like it was a less-than-100%-legit win. I mean, wouldn't that just figure? I've been a fan for many years and it just seems like that's something that would happen with this franchise. I'd still take it though!

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If there is a shortened season I expect the teams with a low roster turnover from last year to do well. There will be little or no training camp so the team with the players that are most familiar with each other will do well. Vancouver should be in a good position, both goalies are returning, the only change on defense is swapping Salo for Garrison which is a serious upgrade and Garrison should be riding hte excitement during the first season of playing for his hometown team. Booth, Burrows, Hansen, Higgins, Kesler (when healthy), Lapierre, Malhotra, Raymond, Daniel, Henrik, Volpatti and Weise are all returning.

If any team intentionally throws a season their franchise should be revoked immediately. I'm sure it's happened with some lowwer end teams, but a team with the caliber of the Canucks will take advantage of the shortened season, not fold because of it.

Maybe since this a shoterned season the Canucks should trade the Sedins and Kesler for draft picks? :frantic:

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No athlete with a shred of honor would ever contemplate doing this.

Good luck going into the 'Nucks dressing room and telling a championship-calibre team "hey guys, just go out there and lose every game, waste this entire year of your careers and a chance at a cup, so the organisation can pick this kid who might be amazing or something"

Listen to yourself, OP, you're talking like a crazy person.

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Just so I get the logic here:

1/ Tank this season so we can get a high draft pick

2/ The high draft pick hopefully works out and becomes a stud NHL'er

3/ At some point our stud youngster leads us to the S/C say 4-5 years down the road

Sounds like you've thought this through.

I say we compete for the cup EVERY year...just saying.

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