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Craiglist Scams


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Long story short, I posted a laptop for sale on Craiglist, here are some of the most entertaining replies I got from obvious scammers:

Hello Seller,

I will like to

buy this item so withdraw the advert from Craigslist. I will

be paying via PayPal.

I am away on a business trip and I'm new on

Craigslist so i don't want to buy what isn't good.You should

get back to me with the total price you want to offer it including

shipping cost to my child in China.All I needed from you now is the

total price, including shipping cost to china with your PayPal

account so that I can transfer the fund immediately.

I am very serious about buying it.I can assure you of getting

your money asap.

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What happens? Like obviously you're not planning on sending it.

But if they Pay first and then you send. and have a tracking number, even if they dispute through paypal, wont you win the dispute?

Not being sarcastic, just looking for more info for future reference.

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Another one ::D


Thanks for the swift reply,I offer you $800.00 and i want you to end

the transaction as soon as possible.Could you please send me your

PayPal request so that i can make payment for you asap.Also i will

paying you an additional $125 for shipping cost through FedEx or

UPS.Immediately i received your Pay-Pal request,i will go ahead with

the payment without any delay.Awaiting your quick response with this

transaction as am serious about.


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Often The guy would say why are you selling this product for this price when it was selling for a cheaper price elsewhere. You are ripping people off, you a profiteer, etc.

or my Grandson birthday is coming soon and I can't find this product elsewhere, or I don't have much money, can I pay this amount instead.

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Do not send it to them!!

Instead send it to me Aladeen! I serious about it very much and wish to also paypal the money. So send moneys request to my paypal account at Aladeen872 at hotmail. And please be shipping it out immediately to my address:

1 Aladeen Way,

New Aladeen, Waydia

Unfortunately I so busy executing dissedents I will have to pay another day but please send it still as I am very serious about buying. This is no joke!

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