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Kofi vs. Daniels should have main evented Mania.


That was the only match the crowd was truly invested in.


The most memorable part for me was when Batista tripped when entering the ring and then preceded to do it again, but at a very slow pace. That had me cracking up.


Also, what a waste of a phenomenal forearm into a RKO on a Smackdown segment. I thought for sure they would have busted it out again at Mania.

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Wrestlemania was must see TV. I hadn't really followed wwe all year but just streamed it and pretty entertained 


Great moments in the HHH Batista fight... Batista did have some rust though. Not the greatest mania entrance for HHH... Was expecting a better one. Still pretty cool. 


The Miz match was frustrating... Shane O is a pretty good heel 


Women's tag match was incredible... The level of skill in the division is something else. 


Not as smoking hot as the Sable, Torrie, Trish, Lita era but all great wrestlers and put on extremely entertaining matches. 


Joe vs Rey... Come on... Really? Worst match. Joe is terrible. Would like to never see him on tv. 


Also why does Cena always just beat up for Elias? Everyone needs to have some respect and walk with Elias!


Cena bringing back the thuganomics was great. 


Kurt vs Corban... Lol ok come on this was silly. Tied for worst match with the Joe vs Rey match. Kurt could still whoop corbin any day. 

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15 hours ago, Twilight Sparkle said:

i think even if kofi and daniel main evented, the crowd would have been dead. i was really started to feel it when triple h/batista started. these shows are way too long

Yeah Wrestlemania in recent years is just too long. WWE needs to keep the main show at 4 hours max.


That said the PPV was pretty good there was a dead spot between Kofi/Bryan and the Women's Main Event. I was actually worried that that dead period would have killed the crowd for the Women's Main Event. Thankfully, people were still into the match even if's obvious the crowd was exhausted by then.


Some notes:

  • Match of the Night was Kofi vs. Bryan, it' really picked up at the end and it was great feel good moment to see Kofi win. I think WM proves that Bryan is probably the best full time worker in the company
  • Women's Main Event was also really good I think. The work rate was high with some sloppy spots (but it happens) and I was actually fine with the finished even with the botched shoulder since it's a good way to protect Rousey and opens a return match with Rousey and Becky.
  • Two years ago I said Triple H just needs to stop wrestling and his match with Batista proves my point. Triple H vs. Batista was just really boring to watch it went way too long and I just wanted it to end. Shawn Michaels commentary is really bad. 
  • The moment The Iconics won the Women's Tag Team Championship I realized this division is dead 
  • Rollins and Lesnar opening up WM was actually fine for me. Paul Heyman did a good job selling the idea to the fans of opening WM with a World Title Match.
  • Kurt Angle losing to Baron Corbin was a sad sight to see. I know you are supposed to lose on your way out but why did it have to Corbin. I know Angle can't really go anymore but I would have been fine with a 8 min match with Kevin Owens  but not Corbin. But I am happy Angle got his send off.
  • Miz vs. Shane is horrible. I actually like The Miz as a baby face in this storyline but the match was horrible.
  • Great to see rapper Cena again. Goes to show fans only started boo'ing Cena once he got rid of his rapper gimmick and became the "all america" clean cut baby face
  • NXT Take Over New York was still better
  • AJ Styles and Orton was ok. It went way too long for not really a lot happening. They told a good story especially with teasing the RKO.


Overall a pretty good show that went way too long. I am happy Kofi won, I am happy the Women got to main event and Becky winning, and I loved how it started. So yeah it was a nice feel good way to end Wrestlemania. 


Overall I'd give this event a B



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Started watching raw and sf again last week... 


Bray Wyatt... What?! What on earth is wwe trying to do on this segment? I guess it's for the kids?! 


Funny how Roman is now loved and cheered for. Power to him for kicking cancers ass. 


The ladies division is better than its ever been... In terms of pure wrestling skill. It's very fun to watch. 


I definitely still miss the Lita, Sable, Trish, Torrie, Stacy days... And JBLs old assistant who was always in funny segments but the level of talent is next level right now. 


Not to mention, the women no longer being degraded or made into strictly sex symbols. Wwe now has more children watching than ever and little girls can look up to these ladies as role models. So that's all good. 



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Raw and SD both pretty entertaining this week... Again I still can't believe how far the ladies division has come. So much pure talent. 


Lars Sullivan is terrible. Always hate when wwe makes characters like this... But I guess he's doing something right if he's getting under my skin 


So glad the good Canadian kid Sami Zayn beat Stroman and took his spot at money in the bank. Hope he can win the ladder match! Long live Sami Zayn! 


Also really hoping KO defeats kofi... I like kofi and all but KO is next level greatness. 


Man the iconics are hilarious in the mic. Probably my favourite tag team in ages. Hope their reign lasts for a long time! The future is iconic! :lol:

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Wow once again money in the bank delivers. It's honestly my fav ppv year after year. 


Could not have had a worse ending. That was one of the best MITB matches I've ever witnessed and the ending just destroyed it. 


The amount of torment Finn's body went through... The amount of ladders this poor guys back broke... Not to mention everyone else taking their fair share of beatings. 


Pretty silly how Roman could just beat Elias like that... Elias is huge and could probably kick romans ass. It's like pettersson vs polak... Petey would have his # all day. 


The ladies matches were incredible... Was really routing for Dana Brooke but oh well. Entertained nonetheless. 



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