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James Bond 50th Anniversary Today (Oct. 5)


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George Lazenby by far!! You don't fight some guy on the beach than say "The other guy didn't have this much trouble" (he was referring to Sean Connery). Also the cut scenes in the main song part were all from previous James Bond movies. It was B acting all over it.

Seriously though, no question on who was the best. He studied the art of movement and was the only person to ever look cool wearing a jet pack with a suit on. And he is the only person to take down a messerschmitt fighter plane with a umbrella (I know different movie but still awesome).

Sean Connery is the best James Bond.

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You know whenever Bond falls in love that girls gonna die sooner than later.

I can honestly say I have liked every Bond to one degree or another. I think Brosnan still had 1 or 2 more movies in him when he was dumped but Craig is pretty awesome as the younger agent.

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