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[Signing] Drew Miller to Braehead Clan (Glasgow) EIHL


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I have to say it, these guys going to the EIHL are in for a shock and I can only assume they just want to visit what is a beautiful country as more than a tourist.

Good luck to Drew and others bold enough to make the journey..........I hear there are other EIHL teams with NHL signings in the pipeline. Frankly, I don't know where they are getting the money from, the crowds up to now have been small in comparison to other European Leagues, although the acquisition of these players and the improved coverage by Sky Sports should help to increase interest.

For my own team, Fife Flyers, this will be a bit of a setback as they rely very heavily on homegrown players and whilst their first season (2011-12) was a disaster in more ways than the obvious (read my thread on "Any of you guys like to play in Scotland?") they have started this season well with 7 wins from 11 However, there is no way Fife will be able to afford an NHL player.

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I thought some of you may have been interested in what a visiting Sheffield Steelers fan wrote on their website after attending Fife Ice Arena to see his team defeated 4-2 by Fife Flyers on Saturday night.

Quote: I went last night.

It was a good night of Hockey. The Flyers simply outwitted the Steelers.

I loved the Fife Club.

You could feel the tradition from 2 hours before the game; it was great to be a part of. The rink is an old bump and grind sort of place; the food was reasonably priced and delicious. It was like home made food not the plastic junk we witness at home. The bars were reasonably priced and welcoming. The fans were welcoming - the rink announcer was welcoming; not once did he feel the need to try and belittle the away team - RESPECT!

Earwigging the period break chatter around the rink I heard seasoned, educated Hockey fans with their near perfect analysis of the game so far. (And I understood the accents too) What great fans. I loved the way they jumped on the back of our new guy (NHLer Sestito) - and actually, not since Barry Neikar have I seen a player lap up the banter and seem to enjoy it so much.

When Fife won, their chants for their team reminded me of the prison scene at the end of the film "The Italian Job" where the gangster walks down the steps inside the jail to the unison chorus and banging of tea trays. To a man the Flyers fans chanted the victory of their team in Unison. It was a pleasure to behold - even though we were the losers.

Despite the humiliation on the ice (yes humiliation) it was a good night of Hockey. I'll be back !

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