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I needed to know the offers given from the owners side and from the players side.

I searched on google and the only information I found was that the owners first offer was close to 44% (give or take a percent).

I ask because I need to know for my business class and I am doing a presentation on the NHL Lockout.

If anyone could told what the offers given from each side were it would be extremely helpful.

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That's the correct answer. The minute details aren't really made available.

Also, as much as I hate Bettman, and I truly, truly do, from my understanding he has the least amount of power possible. He can't unilaterally offer a season saving offer to the players without the Owners agreeing to it. I doubt very highly you'll find another person who isn't an NHL player who wants the lockout to end more than Gary Bettman. Again, everything he does sucks, and to hell with that jackoff, but as far as influencing the lockout, I don't think he can do anything except submit the Owners list of demands and give out their responses as their figurehead.

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First of all, the point in doing this type of "homework/assignment" is so you research things for yourself and learn in the process. It isn't always a quick click of the mouse so you will have to read different articles, take notes in point form, then compile your own summary of what you've learned. Your presentation won't just be an A & B listing of proposal details, as it isn't that straightforward or published...you'll likely need to expand on that and talk of what has led both sides here. It's a process and what is out there requires some reading and digesting.

Re-negotiating a contract isn't simple and "the points/numbers" usually involve a series of talks discussing wiggle room in trying to reach an agreement. Sure, there are proposals made but I haven't yet seen exact details being revealed in a concise, bullet point manner.

The other problem with the internet is accuracy, although you'll obviously have to go on what you find here to come up with your findings as this is all that's available. Not like you can go interview either side. Take time to visit several (reputable) hockey related sites and develop an overview of what seems consistent.


This is a general idea (at least) of what the issues are...but you can't expect to click on a hockey forum and get an instant essay....you'll have to invest some time and energy and dig for yourself.


I'm going to lock this one, but any input from members here will already be contained within the lockout thread(s) - you'll have to sift through those to see what you come up with. But accuracy is an issue as well and credible sources should be used to extract your notes from. In short, you have to do your homework and can't expect others to do it for you...isn't always easy, but keep digging! Good luck.

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