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(Fake GDT) Fake Canucks @ Fake Flames - Oct. 11th, 2012


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The Fake Canucks look to extend their lossless streak in the Fake Pre-season to their Fake regular season. The Fake Canucks look to make a statement against the Fake Flames for the two Fake Ot losses during the pre-season.

Fake Canucks Zack "Kassassin" Kasian has demonstrated his offensve play in the pre-season and has the opportunity tonight to show what he's got. The question is, can he perform?

Will we see Daniel Sedin's fake physical play continue after his angry presence in the fake pre-season?


(Can anyone provide the starting line-up?)


7 PM at nucks.co/3p.

I would have made this more detailed, but im posting from just an iPhone.




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So my access is denied due to the 50 people limit, so I'm assuming he's still filling out that form. Will this lead to a new link or will the same one be used? Let us know when you're ready, nobody wants to miss opening night :P

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