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Edler Injury. Bulging disk in back

WHL rocks

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Kicking a ball 30 yards for a 218 lb athlete who (no doubt) grew up playing ball in Europe;

Would qualify as relaxing and light movement. Teeing off a driver from 300 yards would be a much more explosive a movement and much more dangerous. Or planting it from 60 yards...


My guess is he would be playing if it were the regular season...

I guess most of you missed this part...

The injury obviously isn't serious if he's out kicking a football 30 yards. That would be incredibly painful with disk issues...


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What do you mean it doesn't? If anything it's a prime example of it, because Gillis didn't want to resign Mitchell because of his concussion issues, he was scared to take the gamble on him, even after tests had proved he was cleared to play and Mitchell himself came out and said he was ready to play again, and Gillis played the safe path instead.

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Edler needs to see a back specialist then and start working on his core strength. No reason a highly trained professional athlete should blow a disc in his back (unless he's done something ridiculously stupid or it's a very minor bulge).

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