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[PC] EA is giving away $20...

Hat Trick Maker

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TL;DR - Use the promo code OS3874XVC on Origin to get a $20 discount on selected PC games. One use per account only.

If you use EA's Origin, then you might or might not have got an email about filling a survey to get $20 off your next purchase on Origin.

Anyway, the promo code you'd get is OS3874XVC and it's for PC games only. The code is the same for everybody. However, It doesn't work on certain games such as the Batmans games and others and it is valid through Octorber 21.

It worked for me though I never got the survey email.


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Steam and Origin do exactly what they're designed to do.

I remember using Steam and it seemed to be a resource hog - maybe that's not really fair because I was using Vista. But I turned off EVERYTHING and Steam seemed to screw that balance up. Also same with g_bassi on being unable to clean uninstall with Steam.

I'm going to see how Origin is now. I just picked up a game that I know can run on my crapty integrated graphics laptop.

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I'll take that as a yes then. I'm just not intersted in Origin DRM in the slightest. Being forced to associate games to steam is not optimal in the first place, but I'm not interested in indulging EA and their BS.

I couldn't even clean uninstall Origin the last time around when I was forced to install it for a game I bought at retail. I sure as hell don't want it back.

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Origin was a bigger resource hog than Steam, and offered none of the same features, at least when I had it installed.

Despite me not being a fan of it, everyone at least has Steam, and I can and do use it as a general social tool. And it offers absurdly cheap sales that give you a chance to pick up games you might have missed the first time around. And it offers a platform for a very large library of indie games that gives small games that would otherwise never make it, a chance. Steam achievments are there as well, if you're into that sort of thing.

Origin offer none of this, at least last time I bothered to check.

That plus a lot of Steam associated games offer a degree of game modification, and some offer full player content sharing across it's servers.

On Origin this is largely frowned upon.

Boycotting Steam for me would mean dropping most Square Enix and 2K published games, along with Alan Wake, Total War, and other random bunch of other games.

Boycotting Origin means boycotting EA, which is what I'm pretty much doing anyways. I mean seriously, it's EA's games, lol. They can keep dumbing down their products, and I'll continue to not give them my money. Nor do I have to be bogged down by their obstructive micro-transaction policies.

So despite the fact that I hate games being forced to associate to Steam, at least it tries to offer something in return. Which is why I have no interest in indulging Origin, and EA's bad business practices as well.

But $20 off is still a good thing. Something I'd take advantage of it wasn't Origin related. Sorry about the rant, lol.

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