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bed bug infestation


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Crap hole? It is a recently built house (2005?) and is probably better than your house. Even a five star hotel can get bed bugs. Its not some shack in DTES. Anyways, what was the point of your comment? I mean, worst comes to worst, fumigation would be the last option.

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Had this problem a few years ago, we took no chance and got it done by a professional, did not care about the price. Probably ended up costing a grand maybe? Only one treatment was needed,

I suggest you lift your mattresses and asses the problem, look under the cracks/lining of your mattress, under your sheets, everything. Check ALL your beds, you'll be suprised.

Also after your done, well this goes to everyone, buy covers/bags for your mattress that zip up so bed bugs cannot go in and hide, they will be blocked out and wont be able to re infest and hide without you knowing so. That too cost us about another grand or close to.(for mattress and the bottem box)

Its an investment that'll keep you feeling better and safer, and hopefully prevent it from happening in the future.

Get someone to come look at your house and give you an estimate.

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Anyone can pick them up anywhere. Hotels, restaurants, bars, anywhere people gather literally. Doesnt matter how clean your place is. They arent cockroaches that live on filth.

I had them in my condo a few years back. Probably came from a hotel but who knows. They were in my bed. I took it all apart and used Green Earth brand Slug and bug insect killer dust (bought at Home Depot) on the matresses, bed frame and floor. into every crack and opening. Its a white dust. It is made with Diatomaceous earth (silicone dioxide). I put it around the base of every leg up to my bed so any bed bug not already in the bed would have to move over it to feed on me. I moved the bed slightly away from the wall so they couldnt arrive that way. The biting didnt go away 100% the first night but within a few days it was gone.I kept the dust around the bed legs for a year. The best thing about keeping it around the bed legs is that eventually every bug within your home will come out to feed from whatever cracks they hide in. They can stay dormant for up to a year and only come out at night and will move over that dust to get to you. they may bite you but the dust they pick up on the way will kill them shortly.

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