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proposal grittier canucks three trades van/nyi and van/phili van/anaheim florida

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soo mike gillis has most of our core locked up long term except edler. 1. He has said he wants to get younger more internal competition. 2. the coach has little faith in ballard for some reason if your not gonna play him whats the point of paying 4.2 mill per yr heres my first trade ballard and hansen for hamonic a young solid dman righ hand shot. 2nd trade edler for couturier 1st rounder and matt read gives phili that top end dman to replace pronger gives us grit and youth 3rd trade luongo and raymond to florida corry perry and ellerby to van booth 1st rounder tanev schroeder to anaheim

tell me what you think

sedin sedin perry

burrows kesler kassian

higgins couturier read

malhotra laps volpatti

bieska hamhuis

garrison ellerby

hamonic connauton


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So to clarify:

NYI: Keith Ballard, Jannik Hansen

VAN: Travis Hamonic

PHI: Alex Edler

VAN: Sean Couturier, Matt Read, PHI 2013 1st.

FLA: Roberto Luongo, Mason Raymond

VAN: Keaton Ellerby

ANA: David Booth, Jordan Schroeder, Chris Tanev, VAN 2013 1st

VAN: Corey Perry


No thank you to the first and third deals. I think Anaheim will want another piece for Perry, and Philadelphia laughs at MG asking if he's serious.

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Thank you for clarifying. Its was out of order a lot.

But if we could convince phi to do that deal, mg is a fool if he doesnt take it. Theres no way phi would do it. No way we do the second deal, add versteeg and a first and i would do it. I dont know if florida would though. I probabaly wouldnt do the ana trade but ana would.

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Unfortunately these are not great ideas.

Trade 1. Islanders see Hamonis as a top 2 d man for them very soon. You have him behind ellerby on our roster which means you do not know much about either player. Hamonic>>>ellerby. Islanders ate a financially strapped team and don't want ballards contract.

I'd live Hamonic on our team, but islanders won't do that deal, Hamonic is best player in the deal.

2. Philly says no, they are giving up too much there. Couturier is a stud, read is a good top 6 guy and a first round pick added in?

This would be more realistic if it was Edler for couturier and read, no first round pick. Philly may do that if we throw in Raymond. I like that trade but Edler is far better than Hamonic or ellerby so we get worse on D.

3. Trade- if this is what we get for Luongo, gillis will get fired and likely it would be a long time before someone would hire him. A trade like this is what ends A GMs career.

4. I'd love for this trade to happen, but Perry is their best player- would u accept this package for Henrik Sedin?

Good thoughts but each trade needs a decent amount of tinkering

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ok i agree with you hamonic if far superior than ellerby

i was balancing out our d lines

maybe the d lines should be hamhuis bieska garrison hamonic sauve ellerby but i dont really like such a weak bottom pairing and if phili wants edler theyd have to massively over pay

sometimes you have to trade good players to get quality ballard and hansen for hamonic seems fair if you ask me hamonic is a stud if nyi went for that dealn id be happy we need more grit i dont know why gillis resigned raymond big cap hit 2.3 for a perimeter player

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