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[Question] - CBA acceptance criteria


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Does anyone know what the threshold level is for CBA acceptance for the players and owners? If the players took it to a vote, what would be needed (50/50 or more)? Same for owners? Does the commissioner have additional veto power?

If there isn't an answer to this, then what have been the levels in the past, or do we even know?

Mods, I'd like to suggest we open another sub-forum for fan submitted CBA proposals somewhere. There would need to be guidelines in stickies for what each side might want (players, owners). This could be temporary until the lockout is over, containing proposals for constructive bargaining. Perhaps a face-of of the top proposals via poll could be fun (and constructive).

In any event, it would be hard to construct a proposal without knowing acceptance criteria. Winner of an accepted deal gets 0.0001% of league revenue?

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I don't know what percentage is required and I don't know that that information has even been made public, especially in regard to the owners. The problem particularly with the owners is that there's probably some game playing going on. Poor teams that vote no on a deal the rich team wants might find all of their players get huge offer sheets next season...

I absolutely appreciate your spirit and desire to help them fix this (as they obviously need some help!) but there's no way they'd even waste time learning that there were fan CBA proposals, much less reading or considering them.

Our wallets are truly the only voice we have.

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People having been putting their proposed ideas in the CBA/Lockout thread, but we do have a Proposals forum. I'm sure the mods would be ok with CBA proposals going there, although the completeness needed to make anything worthwhile proposing is well beyond the effort most people would want to put into a thread.

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