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Hi, this is my first one in awhile, hopefully people like it, if you do or don't please give your feedback.

Vancouver: Mikhail Grabovski, Tyler Bozak

Toronto: Roberto Luongo

Vancouver Line-up:

Daniel - Henrik - Burrows

Booth - Kesler - Grabovski

Higgins - Bozak - Hansen

Manny - Lappy - Raymond

Toronto's Line-up: (My Projected line-up after the trade)

Lupul - JVR - Kessel

Kulemin - Connolly - McArthur

Kadri - Lombardi - Frattin

Steckel - McClement - Brown

Before you post I would just like to point out.....

From Toronto's perspective.

they are still loaded on center's, and with the young players they have that are ready to make the jump, there forward group doesn't become much weaker, so even though they give up two good forwards, they still have a solid forward group (as you can see).

From our point of view.

Grabo to me seems like he has the skillset and work ethic to be perfect for the 2nd line, and though I wasn't a big fan of Bozak's in the past I have looked into him and I was impressed, he actually is a good two way player, goes to the tough areas, and can be counted on when the game is on the line.

Please leave feedback, Thanks.

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I would assume that Toronto would like to keep Grabovski. Definitely not a bad offer but I think we'd Toronto will offer us two good prospects and an average forward/defencemen.

I believe the Leafs just need Luongo (a good goalie) to make the playoffs. So two good prospects and an average forward/defencemen.

* I'd hate to see Grabovski leave Toronto. :P

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For everyone who is in love with Colbourne, I dont see much in him to be honest.

I see him becoming a 3rd liner now, a good one but I think getting two players like that would be much better for us, because I want a cup, not another prospect we have to wait on. This would be much better for us.

And I dont think it is an overpayment because Luongo would help them, out so much and we have to get a good roster player back, and this way we get two to fill the two needs we have rather than just one and a pick/prospect.

Overall I think this is beneficial to both teams.

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Yeah maybe, you make a good point about Kes and Booth.

I think that Grabo complements them nicely because he is a great playmaker, works hard, is fast, and also has a good shot to boot. Then you add in that he can play Wing or Center and it gives us a nice option for the PP aswell.

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And I think Grabo would be more beneficial to us winning the cup than that, our defense in fine, so Franson would just be splitting time with Tanev, and as I stated I dont think Colbourne will be more than a good 3rd liner imho.

I wouldn't mind getting either of them but I want the cup way more, that's why I want Grabo more, he's a great fit, hes a hard worker and he would be a great fit with Kesler and Booth, not to mention he steps up in big situations it seems.

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This ^

And this ^

Grabovski just signed long term with the Leafs and has a $5.5M cap hit. We already have two centers making north of $5M around for the next few years, so where does he fit? If he takes the 3rd line center, then where does Bozak go? Do we push Kesler to the wing instead and not give affordable prospects like Kassian and Jensen a chance?

Also, why would Toronto do this? They lose they best option at a #1 center. He might not be quite there yet, but are Connelly and Lombardi better options long term for them? They have some depth to replace Bozak, but why would they move their two best options in the top and bottom 6?

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