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I think this trade could very well go down like the Mike Richards/ Jeff Carter deals, where the return was a roster player (Simmonds/ Voracek), a high prospect (Brayden Schenn for Mike, pick in the Carter deal) and another pick in return.

Both Mike and Jeff were considered problematic for the Flyers, and they were tied to long-term contracts. Lu gets hate from critics but is still a strong performer who would really shore down a need for the Leafs for a long time as well.

If Gardiner and Grabovski are off the table (no to Colborne/ Kadri), the return could be similar to the two deals mentioned before if it was Bozak, Ashton and 1st (which is what I would like).

Bozak would be a speedy play maker who can play both special teams and also pack a quick shot; Ashton would be a nice solid prospect to have who has decent physical gifts and goes to the net well, who just needs to put it all together. While the 1st won't be very valuable with Lu backstopping them to a p_ _ _ off status (I'll fill those letters in when I see it, Leafs Nation :P) it's still a 1st.

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Not a bad deal at all. Actually a decent proposal on cdc! However i dont think tor would want to trade two of their best centers. I really like the idea of acquiring grabovski. I would try grabovski and ashton or franson and if that doesnt wrk try grabovski fr luongo straight up. If that doesnt happen maybe add a couple picks. Otherwise though bozak,franson and ashton and maybe a pick. If that STILL doesnt wrk then franson,ashton and a first. Idk, any combination of bozak,reimer,grabovski,ashton,franson,kadri,colborne. So any combination of them with picks maybe. Just my idea but idk. Great proposal tho

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