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Everybody Read This... Please?


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Whatsup, everyone?

I'm making this thread because my buddy and his cousin are trying to be rappers. I told him I'd make a topic on CDC, so if you guys could view the video, and if you have a Youtube account, Like the video, Comment, and Subscribe. Helpful criticism would be appreciated (I would assume).

Thanks for reading, everyone. Appreciate the time.

EDIT: This is their first song, so be easy on 'em. :P

EDIT2: That picture for the song is supposed to be an 'R', for 'Real Restricted'. Couldn't see it until my buddy told me. Just letting you guys know.

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The audio doesn't need to sound as though it's a studio recording in order for listeners to determine whether they can perform. They require a lot of practice, and perhaps should study how some of their influences perform.

They remind me of Ted Raimi when he tries to rap.

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I wanted to like it, but it's just not good.

The beat is average, and the vocals need alot of work. And like others have said, some sort of emotion would be nice.

I wouldn't say quit rapping. If it's something that they're passionate about, they should stick with it. But they definitely need to work on alot of things.

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Is the world really against him/them?

In all seriousness art has to, has to, come from the heart.

So if the idea is to create something that is deemed "cool" even though they have no experience with said something then it comes off as robotic and forced. Which is why so much hip hop these days is garbage.

De La Soul for instance made a killing acting like middle class black dudes, which is what they were. Versus trying to copy others with more street cred.

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