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Uninsured Lamborghini Aventador pulled over while driving in Richmond! And complains about the $ 568 fine


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Police towed away a 2012 white Lamborghini Aventador after finding the 22-year-old driver did not have insurance on the $430,000 car. The West Vancouver resident was stopped because he didn’t have a front licence plate on the car, and was fined $568 for the infraction before the vehicle was towed.

Photograph by: RCMP , Submitted

The young driver of a $430,000 Lamborghini was scandalized when he was handed a $568 ticket.

The hard-done-by West Vancouver 22-year-old apparently couldn’t find the dough to pay his car insurance — and then hotly disputed the fine for not having his affairs in order.

“When the police officer stopped the driver, he soon realized that the car was not insured,” said Cpl. Robert McDonald, spokesperson for the RCMP’s Lower Mainland District Traffic Services.

“When the officer gave the driver a $568 fine for not having insurance, the driver actually complained the fine was too much money.”

The top-of-the-line 2012 Lamborghini Aventador was pulled over initially in Richmond for what is often a vanity infraction — high-end drivers don’t want to mess up their vehicle’s pretty noses with an ugly licence plate.

Since it wasn’t insured, the Lamborghini was towed away, and the driver will have to decide whether he can find enough cash to pay the ticket.

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wow.. id like to know some more details about the story.

Why would you drive a car like that without insurance? That's outrageous. Maybe the kid stole it from his parents? Ignorant exchange student? Weird none the less.

That's a great car. Chances are the cop probably initially just pulled him over the bs about the car too...

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