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[Official] CDC Rap Battle Thread

Kazmanian Devil

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I challenge you BananaMash!


That's right, I do mash bananas

I'll squash you little boy

Like I squash the keys on the piano

You're nothin' compared to me

You're a little, tiny fish

Swimming in this big ocean sea

You are no match for someone like me

I suggest you go back and work at McD's

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You really want me to go first?

I think for you, this choice was the worst.

I know how to type, I know how to rhyme.

Bananamash, have you got the time?

The time is now, it's my turn to win.

My words so sharp, the balance on a pin.

You don't have anything, nothing on me.

Your up, BM. Hope your angry.

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This one's at you, Horus!

MC Balls?

What kind of name is that?

Why would you pick Balls

When you know you've got none of that

I'm the King of these forums

So you better watch out with who you mess with

I'm only battling a chump like you

Out of only sheer boredom

I'll slay you in 2 minutes

You can't battle with me

I've already slayed BananaMash

I'm the new Champ on these streets

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I know why you admire Maxim, because yapping's all you do,

An ankle biter about to get stepped on like a baby shihtzu,

Rhyming pin with win, oh good it's nice to see that you're clever,

10/10 times the people say that I'm better, challenge me whenever,

Drunk, tied up to a bed post by my ex, yeah my neck to a tether

In raining weather and I could still skin you into animal leather.

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